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There comes a moment in life, where all your dreams become true, it's not about being a better employee at work than your neighbor, it's not about getting better grades at school, it's about happiness. When you look at your friend in the eyes, and know you want to share that moment, that minimal expression of life, the joy on that smile. What a better way of sharing that feel than putting it on a bucket and sending it to the love of your life, we present to you: cloudtag, making the world a better place.

Nicolas BelazarasCEO cloudtag


You don’t need an account to share your files.


You can upload a folder.
We will compress and upload it as a zip


Your file will be alive at least 15 minutes.



You can share faster between computers in the same network.


Cloudtag runs without admin permissions.


Available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

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